A meeting of the Haryana Plywood Manufacturers Association (HPMA) was organized in Dawate Plaza, Yamunanagar

A meeting of the Haryana Plywood Manufacturers Association (HPMA) was organized in Dawate Plaza, Yamunanagar on 10th April under the chairmanship of Mr. J.K. Bihani National President AIPMA (All India Plywood Manufacturers Association) Mr. Devendra Chawla, Mr. Bimal Chopra, Mr. Ram Prakash Agrawal, Mr. Rajneesh Arora were on the platform.

The increase in the price of raw material was discussed in detail. All the members present were worried that the hike in plywood price is inevitable due to the rise in rates of Formalin, Poplar, Face etc. If raised prices are not implemented with immediate effect, then the margins of everyone will be effected which will adversely affect the industry’s development.

The price of the poplar which has jumped more than Rs.150/- per quintal is the biggest issue. The forum had an opinion that after harvesting the price may perhaps get stabilized but the speed at which the new factories are going to start in the coming months will increase the demand of the poplar. According to the opinion of all the present members, these prices will continue to grow even more. That is why there is a need for a certain effort in these situations to constantly keep on monitoring such situations and declaring the increase in prices.

Mr. Chawla, illustrating the plywood industry of Kerala, informed how they have saved the industry by controlling their production just 8 to 10 hours in the day. He advised all to go ahead and work as per the demand of time.

Mr. Bimal Chopra emphasized to stop buying of gurjan face vendor to avoid its use. He informed that after Duro Greenply has also decided to stop using gurjan face. Therefore, there is an urgent need to make such decisions for the betterment of the industry. There was an immediate surge in the rates of the gurjan face, as said due to which the rate of face may go up to one and a half times from the current rate i.e. Rs 35.

Mr. Chawla informed the members that the Chhattisgarh Government has given an open invitation to set up the plywood industry there.They have promised to provide all kinds of facilities too. In addition, the Punjab government has decided to make Hoshiarpur a plywood hub. Mr. Bihani told that all efforts will be done in the coming days to strengthen the organization of Yamunanagar.

Referring to the misuse of ISI 710, he commented that it would be good if work only in ISI 303. All the members present decided to announce price increase only after the meeting of the AIPMA in Delhi on April 14th.

Mr. Bihani urged everyone to deposit their annual license fee of Rs.5000 / – to their respective DFO’s. Mr. Rakesh Khurana, Mr. Sant Kwatra, Mr. Sushil Agrawal also actively kept their thoughts.

Densified Plywood Manufacturers Meeting

A meeting of Densified Plywood Manufacturers of Yamunanagar was held at Hotel Sapphire, Yamunanagar on 13th April 2018.

It was decided in the meeting to increase the film face plywood price by Rs. 2/- with immediate effect, to partially offset the increase in prices of Timber and chemicals.