ILMAs Director Mr. Amrat Patel

It was a great gathering of Laminate Manufacturers from all over India at the meeting. The meeting included discussion over several successful undertakings of ILMA throughout these 21 years and also current major initiatives by ILMA on few matters like BIS Mandatory on Chemicals & Phenol Safeguard Duty.

ILMA members shared their experiences and discussed regarding current market trends and it has been advised by ILMA board to make a Memorandum of Understanding before establishing trade with any entity an the same shall be followed strictly. Most importantly, this year’s I L M A International Conference is expected to be a huge success as it is just before the INDIAWOOD in the same city Bengaluru, on 25-26 February 2020.

ILMAILMA President Mr. Vikas Agarwal is welcoming         ILMAs past president Mr. Krupesh Thakkar is
                ILMA BOD Mr. Jitu Nandu                                                      welcoming Mr. Jagdish Ahuja

                         ILMAs Director Mr. Amrat Patel

ILMAs Director Mr. Amrat Patel
is welcoming Young blood to
ILMA Mr. Nikhil Arora