Lessons from covid 19

Lessons from covid 19

We know that Covid-19 pandemic is the greatest challenge being faced by humankind. No one in the living history has ever experienced such a widespread and deep crisis.

History shows that “Moments of ADVERSITY have also been the moments of greatest OPPORTUNITIES”. Depending on how we mould and prepare ourselves, will decide our success in future.

All of us have shown tremendous discipline by abiding to government instructions of lockdown which now provides us with a window to plan for coming times. By staying indoors we not only saved lives of ourselves / near & dear ones but also strengthened our bond with Government as we reposed our faith in their ability to address such challenges. Now, for taking this forward:

INDUSTRY: Industry expects support from the Government and we are very hopeful that all levels of government will rise to this occasion. We at WTA have already initiated talks with government offices and with support from bodies like IPRITI / FRI, we can soon hope to have an unparalled government help for our industry – be it through subsidies in procurement of raw materials, reduction in taxes & GST, incentives for exports, transport subsidy, and many other ways & means.

WORKERS are the spokes of our industry’s wheels and are also the nuts and bolts around which the industry moves. In such tough times, promoters / industrialists, just like a head of the family, should come forward in understanding their pain and rehabilitating them. Protecting their wages and extending medical/financial/ social support to them would be an apt reward for their loyalty and sincerity. WTA shall assist by coordinating for their placements as per industry requirements.

SUPPLYCHAIN: Industry can expect mutual co-operation from our wholesalers / distributors and dealers. They are the vital arms and legs through whom our products reach the final consumers. By understanding each other’s needs, both Industry and its Supply Chain can build synergies. By sharing some resources and costs, both can achieve balanced cash flows & stand to gain mutually. (Combined effect of their relationships will produce higher rewards for each). Example: Sharing costs for transportation / sales / marketing campaigns/ incentivizing inventory etc….

TECHNOLOGISTS/ TECHNICAL STAFF: Being valuable assets of the industry, the technologists stand united with them in this hour of need. For long, the technical staff has contributed tirelessly in galvanizing the industry to higher growth trajectory. Having walked hand-in-hand with all – the industry, the government and other stakeholders, it’s equally important that their role and requirements are understood and responded too, by other stakeholders. WTA shall endeavor to bring together the best technical know-how and trained staff required for kick-starting the industry and bringing it back on growth tracks.

Observing Mother Nature during the present COVID-19 crisis teaches all of us an important lesson – i.e. CO-EXIST in harmony!! All of us stakeholders need to understand role and importance of each other and need to join hands & stand united in developing a large-hearted approach of helping each other with sincerity, for overcoming this challenge!