ashok juneja

Punjab Wants More : Juneja

Ashok Juneja, Vice President of Chamber of Industrial & commercial undertakings stated that FM’s bold reforms in key economic, strategic sectors are welcome steps by virtue of which Defence, social infrastructure space exploration coal mining power distribution civil aviation atomic energy miners sectors have been boosted. All these sections fall in Large scale industrial category.
But medium/small scale industry is back bone of economy. Much more benefits be given to Medium & small scale industries.

Juneja, Chairman, Punjab Plywood & Manufacturers Association said that plywood indstry is agro based indstry based on poplar safeda wood and there are about 300 units in Punjab.

In case rate of Interest on advances be reduced by 3 percent on said agro units as compared to others industries Punjab units will lead over all other non agro ply units or overpower on ply imported from outer countries. Subsidy be granted to all agro ply units.

Power be made cheaper for agro ply units.