What is Flush Door?

A Flush door is a flat door having a flush surface and is not divided into any panels or moldings. It is composed of a wooden framework which is covered by ply, MDF Board or Natural wood on both sides. They have smooth surfaces on both sides and a hollow portions on the inside which is filled with an infill material like cardboard. The Flush door is further finished with paint, veneers or laminate finish in various colours and designs.

Advantages of Flush Door

Flush doors can be used both in the exterior and interior of the house. Flush doors are widely used in contemporary commercial and residential projects.

The surface of Flush Door is even and smooth.

They have clean lines but intricate carvings are not done on this type of door. Therefore, they have limited designs.

They are cost-effective as compared to other doors

Flush doors have plain shutters with minimum joints, which make it easier to maintain.

The doors are available in various finishes, such as laminate, paint, veneer. They hardly split, crack or peel even after many years.

Flush doors are good absorbers of sound.

They are resistant to termite attack.

Its non-porous surface makes it resistant against scratches and stains.

They have good strength but not very aesthetically appealing.